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That is fraud. Agarkov purposely tried to deceive the bank. Plus, there are usually terms in the contract protecting the bank from those kinds of shenanigans. It's hilarious, yes, but it was also incredibly stupid.

Best case scenario for Agarkov is he doesn't go to prison.


Not fraud. Everything he did was completely legal, hence the court victory. By issuing the card, they accepted the amended contract.

The Last Archimedean

Dogbert had a similar idea 17 years ago:


Retail Kiwi

Its not fraud, fraud is an attempt to falsify or illegally obtain documents/money/items etc...

All he did was add clauses to the contract, BEFORE they were signed by the bank, if he had amended the contract post the bank signing then, yes it would be fraud but before hand, absolutely not. Making changes to contracts is common, especially when buying a house, you expect to read before you sign.

Sure the bank probably didn't expect any changes, but that doesn't make it fraud. When they signed the contract they accepted the amended clauses and became legally bound by them.


He gave the bank the exact treatment they give to everyone else. I hope he gets his fees.


I love the fact that the bank got screwed by the same line they use against customers: They didn't read before they signed.

And no boho it's not fraud. They entered into a legally binding contract with the man.


Nope, not fraud. You can totally do this with ANY contract on paper (it's harder to edit electronic-only ones, like for games). I had a professor who did this to one of his employment contracts. He crossed out the bit that said anything he created while employed was property of his employer and got them to sign it.

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