Retail Hell Underground: Breakroom Hell: Being On a Diet

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The school I currently work at is k-5 and about half of the classes are special education. We are the smallest school in my district but have the biggest staff due to all of the extra help required in special ed. Because our staff is so big we are celebrating someone's birthday about once a week and the celebrations are HUGE potlucks where the entire staff brings something. And yet I wonder where these 20 pounds I gained came from...


There is a Thai dish that involves dried fish or something that smells hellacious when microwaved. Oh boy does it also linger too.


The husband of one of our managers drives for Little Debbie. She brings in a paper box full of almost out of date items several times a month.


Annoying people who won't shut up up about their diets and how fat they [think] they are whilst I'm trying to enjoy my tasty sandwich. Seriously; once in a while, I get it. Every freaking day? Yikes.

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