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Wow. I work in an insurance call center and you prettymuch just described my job troubles, sans a few details.

Trucker Bitch

Whenever anyone asks for my name, I'll usually spell it out for them since my name can be very easily mis-heard. It's a normal name but even if I think I'm speaking clearly, some people will hear it start with a different letter. It can also be spelled different ways (and I don't mean eunikquoe spellings), so very rarely is it spelled right if I don't spell it out. My boss and my dispatcher still spell it wrong (though thankfully not on my paycheck)

Hell I even have family that can't spell it right, so I don't expect strangers to get it right.


Ugh, do I ever know about those privacy laws. I have a friend who is absolutely dreadful on the phone, and has a difficult time getting the simplest of tasks done using that device. Both his girlfriend and I would LOVE to make calls for him, but we can't. The person on the other end of that line doesn't know me from Adam, doesn't know how I know that person, can't tell me anything. At the end of the day we have to say, "It's your name on the account. Suck it up, buttercup."


I have the horrible misfortune of working in an insurance call centre and this is basically my life. I hate my job.

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