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Hmm- I think it's actually pretty funny calling it Pirate Joe's, since he's kinda pirating the trademark and stuff from Trader Joe's. Honestly, I think he should try to negotiate with Trader Joe's to become a Canadian subsidiary- he could run a Canadian branch/franchise of Trader Joe's, and be officially part of their structure, so he wouldn't be fighting them anymore. It makes sense for Trader Joe's, too- he's already set up one store, and he's clearly a hard worker considering all the travel and hauling things he's doing. Not to mention, it would be a great PR move- big company reaches out to small entrepreneur, proves it's not like other big companies that crush small businesses.


Exactly what I was thinking. If they were smart, they'd set him up as a franchisee. Maybe even keeping the name. If they want to put him out of business without looking TOO much like dicks, they could open their own store in the same city and sell stuff at the normal prices. "Well, there was obviously a demand here..."


As far as I know he isn't actually breaking any laws. He isn't representing himself as Trader Joe's and he isn't doing anything wrong by reselling their products.

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