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Kinda funny; when the Amerinds used every part of the buffalo, it's noble. Mcdonalds does it and we say "eew".


"USES every part" is one thing. "EATS every part, after washing it in toxins" is quite a different thing.

I wonder what McDonald's does in Canada? Our laws governing items intended for human consumption are a fair bit different from those in the States (for example, the American "haven't prove it's harmful" versus the Canadian "must prove it's safe" thing) so what's permitted in the US may not be permitted in Canada (much to Monsanto's frustration, lol).

I was gonna grab a burger on the way to work. Kind of having second thoughts about that, now. Certainly does explain the taste, though...


Never had a burger in America, but right now I'm glad to be english.

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