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I don't understand how the public can possibly absorb the "disgruntled employee/ former employee" line so uncritically. If someone is disgruntled, what remains to be seen is the parameter and grounds of their disgruntlement. But the public just assumes if it's an employee who has the grievance, it's inherently unjustified and selfish. Fuck this Eardly guy for expecting "handouts" from his workers!

Queer "I'm Nomi Malone" Geek

Well there goes my dreams of making big bucks of twerking around a pole.


Wow, he sounds like a stand-up guy :P


If we stopped trying to dehumanize sex workers and regulated the industry it would work out a lot better for the women involved though not so good for scum like Eardly. Doesn't sound too bad to me.

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