Retail Hell Underground: Comcast Cable Field Technician Leaves a Note: Is it Real or Is it Hellspawn?

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Seems like a big company like Comcast would have pre-printed notes to leave customers...?

Eccentric Lady

Yes, was thinking the same thing CoG.

I'd definitely try to be home all day after getting that note - it's pretty hinky!

Bored at the Bookstore

Save the note for the cops. Call the cable company to confirm that, while they may hire idiots, they don't have any morons working for them at the moment. And lay in wait tomorrow, just in case. Preferably with a large, noisy dog on a short leash.

Honestly, if I fell for that one, I'd be inclined to admit I deserved to be robbed.

On second thought, why worry? Just noticed the note says they "...need aces to the back of our home...". Obviously, it's an invitation to a card game at the note-writer's place! *duh*

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