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Pixie Pony

Wow...that waiter definitely had no place in Disney. Even five dollars would be too much for this guy.
I still want to eat there one of these days...but I don't think I want to go if he's still there.


Speaking as a former EPCOT cast member, you should definitely try the German restaurant next time. You can get as much delicious food as you'd like there, and the servers are all wonderful. The cheesecake alone is worth it...God, just thinking about it makes me want to take a trip to Florida.


Speaking as random nobody who likes Epcot, I like the Norway restaurant. We tried to go to the Mexican one, but it was an hour and a half wait, so we decided we'd just go into the next one along. Smorgasbord and Screaming Viking mead. :D


It really makes me mad when wait staff acts like you are required to give a tip despite the quality of service. It's called a gratuity for a reason because it is a gift given out of thankfulness of good service. Bullying someone who chose not to left a tip, not only makes you look like the biggest jerk ever but also lessens the chance that any other customer that sees this behavior will decide to leave a tip. Customers should leave a tip knowing that they make up the majority of a waiter's salary but they are by no means required to. Stop acting like a baby and deal with it.


Wow, I can't believe he had the nerve to ask about the tip (or lack thereof). Dude needs to listen to "The Gambler". I thought everyone knew that you never count your money while you're sittin' at the table. So freaking rude.


I think you were too nice about it. Can you tip the chef without tipping the waiter? I don't really understand how tipping cultures work. In Australia, you don't get paid less because you're expected to make it up in tips. Companies have to pay at least minimum wage to all employees, which is just over $16.


Hey Apron. :) Here in the states most waiters and waitresses only make $2-3 an hour. They're expected to make up the difference in tips which is why it's so important to so many people. Some places require servers to pool their tips together and then they're given out equally at the end of the night, others do not. Chefs may or may not get a share of those pooled tips but it is my understanding (Please correct me someone) that Chefs usually are paid a full wage (minimum is around $7.85 usually). In those cases, while the chefs certainly deserve the tips that they receive and oodles of recognition, tipping the chef is not a common practice because they are paid that full wage instead of a tipped wage.


Thanks for the explanation, KarrusellMalerin! I had no idea that the wait staff wage was so much lower than minimum wage.


I don't know how it is at the Magic Kingdom, but the waitstaff at Disneyland all get paid above minimum wage. I think it's around $8.50 for foodservice in general, and $11 for the more fancy restaurants (think Blue Bayou). I don't even want to think what the staff at Club 33 get per hour...
Disneyland actually doesn't pay too badly, in my opinion. With union contracts and extra pay for hazard, you can actually make a decent wage.


That guy sounds awful- I'm sure he was tired at the end of the night, but arguing about it and following you out is so incredibly out of line! I'm glad you reported him. Clearly, you weren't imagining the bad attitude- he confirmed it 100%.


The one time I've eaten at a Disney theme park restaurant, the woman was amazingly helpful and even "suggested" that my mother and I do this split entrée option they had, which basically meant we got two plates with full sides for like a dollar fee (sure we were eating there on purpose but it still is pricy! We were there because we'd traveled to California for a friend and she'd gifted us the day passes). She comped our drinks too and even told us we weren't required to give her a tip because she made well over minimum but after that we couldn't not - and still paid less than we would have, and had a much better experience, than we would have if she hasn't chosen to go beyond what was necessary.

I can't imagine having such an entitled jerk face working at a Disney - I've known a few people who have (above mentioned friend included) and they all seem to have a tendency to genuinely love their work and (somehow) dealing with the cheap, whiny people like me who aren't sure $14 for a sandwich is reasonable... Or they don't last!

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