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Ugh, cable companies are atrocious. They never have their shit together, and even when you DO set up an appointment, they're either never on time, or they just don't show up. It's awful.

HOWEVER, that last bit? About sexually harassing the call center girl? The one you got trying to fix you and your wife's cable? Because you can't pay for porn (and who even does that anymore, come on)? Yeah, go fuck yourself. I have a hard time accepting that that was really joke, and even if it is, you're a sicko for making it. The sheer greasy ooze of that makes me want you locked up.

This site has tons of stories from women (and men!) putting up with that kind of disgusting, degrading, and absolutely unacceptable type of shit from trash like you. We don't want to hear about your depraved fantasies. If that's your idea of a good time, then just GET THE FUCK OUT.


It's called 'dark humor.' The same 'dark humor' that had the Joker fiddling with the controls to blow up the hospital in The Dark Night. In reality, not amusing. In the context of unreality, some people can find a twisted sort of humor in it.


@Ilia have you ever played Portal? Or watched Black Swan? The Departed? That's dark humour. THIS, however, was a poorly executed "joke" that sounds considerably more like a threat, and is told to people who have been on the unfunny side before. Think more along the lines of Daniel Tosh's rape jokes. As you pointed out as well, this is firmly rooted in reality, unlike our examples.

If he'd thrown in some kind of "it's what everyone else does, right?" Or something to clarify the ridiculousness of it, or to distance himself from it, it might have come off more as a joke (a controversial one at that). As is,! it's easy to mistake as sincerity, and otherwise poorly executed to the point of offence.

And finally, just think for a minute. Regardless of intended satire, is it really so funny for an adult man to make a joke, no matter how dark, about sexually harassing and making a particular woman for fun, due to percieved anonymity? Is it funny when we joke about drunk girls getting raped, too?


unsympathetic - that last line (punchline) marks it pretty clearly as the leadup for a joke. There`s also a big difference between auditory rape (for lack of a better term) and physical rape...

and if you can`t handle jokes made at serious things, I`m not entirely sure what you`re doing on the internet.


Alright, let me set the record here, and then I'll back off. I'm a young communications major who's been reading a lot of Jezebel lately. I know I get indignantly offended easily, and I seem to be in the minority, so I'll accept that I might be in the wrong/overreacting.

However, my dislike still stands, for a few reasons. Firstly, I get a little icked out any time an adult guy makes a joke about making a woman sexually uncomfortable. It's too common as it is, too often downplayed or ignored, and too often considered harmless. Secondly, jokes that tap into socially sensitive subjects that are widely downplayed or dismissed need to make a criticism or socially relevant point. It's why we give comedy a pass on controversial points to begin with, and it's the benefit of comedy as a medium. Doing it just to laugh at sexual harassment is offensive. While he may have intended it to be a jab at the lack of monitoring on his info, everyone knows that shit can be traced, so that point is negated. Nor does he joke about managers mishandling it. The implication is "the company didn't give me cable, so it's their fault if I harass this woman, ha ha".

I'll be quiet now, though. However, I just want the poster to remember that what you say always has meaning, even if it is a joke, and even if you didn't intend it. Thinking about what you say and why you say it is important. Also, just because the internet can be a massive cesspool doesn't mean shit doesn't stink.

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