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I would have hosed her down :D. Not full on fire house spray just a gentle spray until she left.

Sales Agent Guy

Seriously, she's stealing vegetables from other people's gardens in FULL DAYLIGHT? Jeez, lady, I thought your potty mouth was bad enough, but your lack of common sense? Sheesh!


That woman obviously has some serious issues. Instead of continuing to bait the obviously mentally unstable person, they should have just taken thier video and called the police. Dragging it on becauseyou find It funny is just a form of bullying. And likely to incite physical violence ffom the crazy person.

The Singing Library Clerk

Forget gentle. I would've put one of those nozzles that make it a powerful stream and turned that baby on full blast. If only because the woman is psycho and carrying a weapon.

Queer Geek

Not only does she curse like a sailor but her voice grated voice sounds like she's smoking too many cigarettes. Emphysema anyone?


Where the hell are the cops?


I'd start putting pesticides on just that side of the fence...


stick chicken wire around the garden with a private garden sign and "police will be called on theft" on it. that way she will have to know its illegal and easy to get her charged.


I would've sprayed her down too!


Go on, try coming up here and cutting the flowers I planted, too (so as a guy I've got a sweet spot for flowers. Big deal. I needed to do something to relieve stress, and it happened to be something I'm good at.)

I'll wallop you in the side with a wall of water. After all, I made a squirt gun that can empty a gallon of water in half a second... And I've been itching to test it on someone...


Garden hose, hell.

Power Washer. On Full Blast. Wash out that filthy mouth.

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