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jimbo jane

"like the world is totally going to end omg! you spelled my name with a i instead of an e. and that's ph instead of f. Gawd can't you do aaaaaaanything right how hard is it to spell pheephee."

Whiny people grate my nerves so bad. I have an easy-ish name, not really anyway to misspell it, but even i know to spell it out after I say it. How hard is that, to spell something to someone that you have know how to spell since kindergarten. Take for example this imaginary convo with myself.

Billing: "Name please"

Me: "Jimbo Jane J-i-m-b-o J-a-n-e"

Billing: "You sure do suck at math, and paying bills on time but your spelling your own name skills are phenomenal"

Long story short. Don't take someone misspelling your personally, he or she probably doesn't care about all of the apostrophe's and ~'s in your name...

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