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Dunno about where the writer is, but in Florida, only businesses providing food are required to have public bathrooms, as far as I know. Other places might, but are not required to.

Both of the convenience stores I worked in had the bathroom right across from the unlockable cooler, and out of sight of the register, so I didn't really like people using it, but couldn't really refuse. I'm pretty sure one of them was used as a drug drop, as there were often footprints on the seat and the ceiling tiles were often chipped from being moved, but nobody was ever caught at it and nothing was found.


Thankfully, the thrift store I frequent has a small child exception. I had never been there before and munchkin was JUST potty trained. He went, I held it because I don't like violating trust. The guys at the gas station down the street rock though!!!

NC Tony

What really makes me laugh is when people IN THE MALL complain when your store doesn't have a public bathroom. You're in a fucking mall, there's bound to be a public restroom within walking distance (and it sure as hell won't take you fifteen minutes to get to it). When I worked at Babbage's in a mall people would complain about our lack of a public restroom (we had an employees only one in the stockroom), even though there was a public restroom literally right down the hall. In the time it took people to complain they could have walked the few feet to the restroom.

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