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I'm on the fence with this one...
On one hand, that isn't a huge mess and probably shouldn't have been labeled as one on the store's facebook page.

On the other hand, she didn't name the women who created the issue. The one woman slandered her own name by sharing it with all her friends and bitching and moaning about it.

Quite frankly, if I was a business owner, and you brought your kids in, and all they did was make a mess and scream bloody murder, I think I would've had a similar reaction. Whether or not you're a military mom, the POTUS, or flippin Mother Teresa doesn't matter - if it's disrupting my business, I would ask you to leave the store.

Bored at the Bookstore

I would definitely have more of an issue with the screaming than with the mess. It's crumbs, on the floor, from what I can see. In a restaurant that probably sweeps a dozen times a day anyway. But the making-a-scene/screaming/yelling/meltdown would be my breaking point.

Maybe a quiet, "I see someone's having a bad day today - would you like me to wrap the rest to-go for you? Because it's really upsetting the rest of the diners, y'know?" would have worked better. Although ANY form of "Get outta here with your noisy brats" is going to injure tender feelings, no matter how it's phrased!


Yet another reason why you should be very careful about what goes on Facebook. Post your customer-shaming pics on RHU, and your Sunday specials menu on FB.

Diabrotica virgifensis virgifensis

I understand the owner throwing them out because of the screaming- I realize that sometimes kids scream for no good reason suddenly and without warning, even the best behaved of kids, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't upset everyone else- but I can't agree with the practice of public customer shaming. I used to work the retail side of a shop that also had a cafe, and on days I didn't work, I would go to the cafe with my grandma. My grandmother has had several strokes, has trouble seeing, and uses a walker, so she needs assistance for many things, can't open doors by herself, although she's doing physical therapy and knitting and has gotten better at things like feeding herself. Sometimes I'm not able to clean up all her crumbs, and I've had to help her to the door with the floor looking much like that photo. I would hope my grandma would never get shamed like that. :(


@Diabrotica: I think there is a definite difference between someone who needs assistance (which, at least on RHU, we are all in agreement that those people deserve our help and care, not shaming), and people, kids or adults, who make careless messes. I can speak for many people on here and say that people with any sort of disability will get our aid, and not our wrath.

That being said, if you have members of your party -child or adult- who thinks it is ok to make and leave a mess like that for no reason, keep them home. And if you accidentally make a mess (my dad and my MIL are good for dumping a glass of liquid at LEAST a few times a month out, just clumsy, I guess), get someone's attention and apologize, maybe even offer to help clean up (I always offer...and only about 1/4 of the time am I taken up on it), and just...don't be a piggy crusty about it. We'll all understand an accident. But we will ALL hate on crustiness.

Not Perfect

That was very poorly handled. I've had to clean up much worse messes from children, and usually it was outside food.


that is a mess?!?! I clean up worse tables from 5 grown adults! Please I would welcome a few crumbs and a water ring or two left by a glass. Any experienced server would tell you - from a scale of 0 to 10 - that mess is a 0.5 at least


I think it's interesting that the owner is upset at the prospect of picketers. Picketing is intended to be exactly the sort of public shaming in which the owner engaged by posting this. Don't dish what you can't take.


I'd break the picket line in a hot minute to support this lady. I don't think she did anything wrong. She didn't name anyone and since she isn't a slave has every right to complain about ass holes the same way we all do here. That people are threatening physical violence on her honestly sounds to me like people complaining because the servants got uppity. The reality is if you don't want to feel bad don't leave a huge mess because you're a terrible parent.

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