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They do that over there. I order Japanese DIY candy kits from Japan a few times a year and they always come with a handwritten thank you note.

rEtAiL dEaTh

What are those, green tea Kit Kats?


....OMG That is so wonderful and sweet and TOTALLY HAS EARNED MY BUSINESS. Must find something to order from Japan..

And Yes, Retail Death, there are like 88 varieties of Kit Kat in Japan. The way Kit Kat is said in Japanese is very similiar to 'Good Luck' if I remember so they are VERY popular.

rEtAiL dEaTh

Oh my. Green tea kit kats? *goes to eBay*


Dude, sign me up for those! Also, I've ordered a handful of things from individual sellers over the internet, and usually get a sweet note thanking me for my purchase. Those people FTW!

Su Chan

Green tea Kit Kats? Hmmm!

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