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Kmart receipts were just as bad, plus they had a separate machine that printed out coupons as well. They've switched to an option of "e-mail receipt" But a lot of people don't want that cause then they don't have it in-hand if they get stopped at the door and it's also a pain in the butt to figure out how to get said receipt for a return.


Exactly Spritzy. Though when you get e-receipt at my store you get a little stub with a bar code that can be scanned to pull up what was on the receipt. People don't get the concept though.

I wish people got excited over the massive receipt, I mostly just get exaggerated sighs and eye rolls. You had the option for e-receipt, and you're the one who selected print, you've brought this upon yourself.

Book Baby

any time there are coupons I will use on the receipt, I am a happy camper! i got a code on a Rite Aid receipt a couple of weeks back for a ten dollar gas card. READ those receipts before you gripe about them!

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