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Even when reduced by 25%, the receipts will still be ridiculously long.


it'd be nice if they followed walgreen's example a little more closely, as walgreens just keeps a running tally on points (shown on your receipt) and sometimes a manufacturer coupon will print.

having to keep the thermo receipt paper from the cvs transactions just to have the coupon on-hand is kind of ridiculous. i mean, i want a $3 or $5 coupon as much as anyone...but, for the 1-2 times a month i make a (typically unplanned) trip to cvs it's not worth toting the crumpled receipt around in my purse.


I for one will miss the ridiculously long receipts. I would use the ones with care rewards to wrap presents. yay for multiple presents!


I'm sorry but this is nothing compared to other places where paper is wasted. I'm glad they're cutting back but it really wasn't that big of a deal.

The Last Archimedean

Doesn't matter to me. It all goes in the recycle bin anyway.

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