Retail Hell Underground: Hell At The Beach: Teen Cashier Tries To Collect $5 Entrance Fee From Teresa Giudice's Family and Is Called F-ing Bitch

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The Last Archimedean

I've never heard of these people, but I hope they lose everything and have to take retail jobs to survive. And that every time a crusty appears in the store they have to deal with that person.


Shit, what do you expect, reality TV stars, especially from the Real Housewives series, are such sterotypes, I would expect to find them in a best buy audio section


I propose mandatory shock collars on all douchebags. Shocking commences every time they swear at or mistreat another human being. Intensity of pain levels varies on the offense.


I like that idea, Ilia. I vote we start the pain level at 10 on a scale of 10 and go up from there...

NC Tony

This is why I think all so-called "reality" shows like the "Real Whore Wives of [city]" should be called "Horrible Fucking People You'd Never Want To Meet In Person".

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