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I like the idea, but it's just not there yet. You still need to take off and land at a "real" airport, too many "emergency" landings on roads and the FAA is going to come after you. And the price, yikes. $279,000.


That's a plane...

It looks like a plane

It acts like a plane

it flies like a plane

It has fold up wings, that does not make it a car.

Theres been a couple dozen of these 'flying cars' over the years, there all planes with fold up wings (except that one that looked like an f1 car with turbines, that was cool)


The F1 with turbines is the Moller skycar, I think, which is still not ready to fly after 30 some years. (A shame, I really like it.)

The big problems with plane-cars (Skyphibious?) is that you need to be licensed as a pilot AND a driver, any device that tries to be more than one thing generally ends up a substandard version of both, and... think of all the cars on the road with advanced cancer of the rocker panels, or how often you see people running out of gas, or an engine dying in the middle of a drive somewhere... now imagine that happening 20,000 feet up. You can't exactly pull over... people don't maintain their cars very well to begin with, and adding a third dimension to them means that the old 'planes are safer than cars' thing is going to take a massive hit.


I can't think of much that sounds worse to me than flying cars.

NC Tony

Just watch any sci-fi movie with flying cars (Back to the Future Part 2, The Fifth Element) to see what a bad idea flying cars would be. Most people can barely drive on the ground, putting them up in the air would just make them that much more dangerous. Can't you just see the news reports:

"Three dead as car lands on them. Film at 11."

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