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People say Wal-fart is hell, they've never worked for Family Dollar. I worked part-time for them Feb-2008 through June 2010, the things I've seen... Family Dollar tends to put it's stores in the worst neighborhoods, or poorest towns it can find. My manger Greg used to tell me about stores looking for managers in places like Detroit with safety classifications as 'dangerous'. Meaning you might get mugged walking to your car in the parking lot. That is if your car was still there.

The manager would have to be there from store opening, it used to be 10am but they've since gone to 8am till 9pm (it used to be 8pm) and 10pm to 11pm come Christmas time. The only time they could leave is when they ran to the bank. I'd cover for my manager if he wanted to get something to eat, if our DM Jill would call. They would give you health coverage (even part-time employees) but when could you get time off to use it? Gods forbid you make plans or an appointment if your weekly truck was scheduled to arrive. The aforemention Greg got seriously sick one time when the truck was suppose to arrive, he left to go to the hospital. Jill jumped my arse because I did truck by myself and the back door was unlocked. Gods forbid you actually care about your employees!!

Speaking of which, they rented the building we were in, which was old, real old. One summer they finally browbeat the landlord into putting a new roof on. Yay for the building, boo for us. I meant no AC, no AC in a store with uninsulated glass window front end. It would routinely hit near a 100 in the store, we had to mark down all the chocolate candy because it had melted.

The stories I could tell...and I've got loads of them. Please by all means, let me know if you want to hear more. I have no qualms about naming names, and places. In all honesty if I could get in touch with that reporter at Huff-Po, I'd give him/her such an earful.



To maybe ask an obvious question, who in the hell moves TO Detroit for a better life?


The saddest thing is that, in my experience, more often than not the Dollar Store isn't the bargain it appears to be.

Household products like dish soap, laundry detergent, etc. are often cheaper at major grocery stores if do things like buying store brands, joining their savings clubs, and buying things when they're on weekly special, which for certain items tends to be once every few weeks.

The food items that they sell at the dollar store are the same story. Not to mention they're crummy processed food, and at major grocery stores you can get better quality items like produce and protein sources (eggs, meat) for a fairly good price in season and/or on special.

With things like trash and sandwich bags you get less for your money, and the plastic is noticeably thinner.
Small furniture and home items like trashcans, toilet brushes, and kitchen towels are usually cheap crap that breaks/tears.

About the only things that are worth going to the dollar store for are toys and party supplies.
The kids are probably going to break them anyway and the more expensive toys will also be made in China, so the quality doesn't really matter if your kid just wants something to spend his/her allowance on.
And if you're hosting an event and need things like decorations, cups, and plates the Dollar Store can be a good way to save money on that.


She was making THIRTY FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS and is saying its about the same as the part timers making minimum? I'm sorry, but that the fuckity fucking fuck is wrong with hermath? I'm sorry she got hurt but the pay thing just absolutely has me too flabbergasted to comprehend the rest.

Book Baby

Lovely, she is making about the same as a minimum wage person because she is working waaay more hours a week. She only gets paid for FORTY.

To start out, that looks like a good wage. She would be making about $17.00/hour IF she were working JUST forty hours. However, it says she was working about SEVENTY hours a week, which brings her wage down to roughly $9.75. In Oregon (where I live) minimum wage is $9.05, so she's right--this is just barely above minimum.

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