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I love Halloween (i started getting my stuff together for a costume in july). Bring on the halloween stuff all year round! Except random stuff like wigs and small costume parts, those can wait because they get scattered around the store.

I did see that we have "fall hayride", "fall leaves", and "pumpkin spice" candles out though, which generally you don't see until.. september or so.

The Last Archimedean

Honestly, at this point stores should just put in a "Holidays' section year-round and have Christmas, Halloween, etc. merchandise there. That way you could buy it whenever you wanted to, and people would adjust to it soon enough.


The store I work puts fall and Halloween out at the beginning of August and changes the displays over the course of the month to reflect the season. We just finished putting together the last display, and we'll stay like this until October, when we put out Christmas. Our store is small, so it's a bit of a pain in the ass trying to find room for all the items we get, especially if we haven't sold out of the items from the previous season. And, of course, we get a megaton of stuff in the beginning, then nearly nothing the closer we get to the holiday, so customers are always complaining about us being out.

*sigh* Gotta love the holidays.


Candy corn is delicious year-round.

NC Tony

I saw some Halloween themed stuff yesterday when I was working, and I saw Thanksgiving themed candles in our decorative home section. If I know my store (and after six years I damn well should) the Christmas stuff will be out by the middle of next month.


Spotted those Halloween-themed Scream eggs and pumpkin-shaped Reese's two weeks ago at a Safeway. Rolled my eyes.


Halloween is my favorite holiday, but damn, it isn't even September!

Trucker Bitch

My dad bought one of those skeleton decorations just the other day from Costco. They had Christmas stuff out last month.


I work in an apparel department and we started getting fall in late June. Always bothered me that we got back to school stuff in before kids were even out of school, but whatever. It wasn't a lot of crazy stuff, sans maybe some puffy vests... and most of the items were still transitional and wearable for the summer. And parents are insane and like to buy early. This latest shipment of "Fall" - yes, marked for fall - takes the cake. WINTER coats, SNOW boots, HATS AND GLOVES, Magic Mitts, flannel PJs, fleece car baby blanket onesies... literally a nightmare. I refused to actually open any of it and stacked it sky high on a skid in our backroom. We'll eventually have to deal with it but I am NOT alienating our customers this damn early!!! It's mid August for pete's sake! I live in Canada and normally one would chalk it up to working for an ignorant American company that assumes we're all snow up here or something - except I work for a Canadian company based out of Toronto. FML.


As much as I love Halloween, I have to admit that August is a bit early to have decorations out. You're spoiling the holiday spirit by making us tired of seeing the holiday before we even get to it. But I am glad the craft stores put out Halloween and Christmas stuff early. They have a valid reason to. Halloween costumes and handmade Christmas crafts take time to make, especially if you want to use them for the holiday in the year during which you bought them.


The big store that owns my station has baby Halloween stuff out already. I saw it while shopping for a gift for my newest niece.

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