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The Last Archimedean

Holy Thrognar. Are people *this* stupid these days?! *sigh*

Idiocracy will be viewed as a documentary in 50 years.

Bored at the Bookstore

Yes, yes they are *this* stupid. I frequently want to bang my head (or a custy's, which would e SO much better) against the wall at the sheer number of people who come to a bookstore and apparently cannot read.

"Books are in alphabetical order by author, ma'am."
*Is that by first name or last name?*
*You mean, A, B, C?*

They walk up to the section of audio books, clearly marked, and ask, *So, how much is it to rent these movies?*

They walk in the door (clearly labeled), look at the 8' wooden sign on the wall opposite that says "Annie's Book Stop" with the wooden decorative sign beside it that says, "BOOKS" and ask, *Oh, is this a BOOK store?*

We also get,
*Is this a library?*
*I have to PAY for the books?*

People not only cannot read, they're just plain blind, I swear. I can't tell you how often someone walks in, gets about three or four steps inside and then wavers, "Oh, this isn't the beauty shop/deli/paint store!"


They are this stupid.

Let's take it one step further, at my station, we have to set the grade of fuel you want. If you tell me 'I want $20 unleaded regular on pump 3', please don't come back in and cuss me out because you want premium. I'm just going to cuss back.


I worked at a gas station just over 20 years ago and we were terrible with people who did not know their pump number. Don't know it? Go find it. It's the white car? There are six white cars out there, go get your pump number. Don't want to go look? Fine. Just step aside and when I'm done ringing up all these customers who know their number yours will obviously be the one left. How's this, why don't I "randomly" select a pump and you pay for that one. Oh, you're not in the motor home that just pumped $150? Go get your pump number.

We wouldn't even take $50 or $100 bills. People would complain, we'd say "go to a bank".

Never coming here again? Good luck. We're the only station in town.


sweetie, I have been working at a gas station for almost two months now ( side job) and I have dealt with EVERY last custy you listed. Another one? When you ask what pump, they say the one with the car, when theres FOUR OTHER FUCKING CARS! That pisses me off endlessly. I usually say something like, oh, the where the suburban is ? They usually get the hint after that. I swear, I fucking hate people sometimes >p


I see it hasn't changed in the 10 years since I worked at a gas station. #6 Was always one of the banes of my existence. Gas stations are not fucking banks you fuck buckets go to a fucking bank to get change for a hundred.

Trucker Bitch

Most of the time, when I fuel the truck it's done Pay At The Pump style. Occasionally, there will be a problem and I'll have to go inside to get the pump started. Most of the time I will remember to get the number before heading inside. Sometimes I'll forget until I get halfway to the door.

In that case, I turn my ass around and go back for the pump number. Most of the time there are several rigs getting fueled at the same time and my company would be pissed if I "accidentally" paid for someone elses fuel.


You just gave me flashbacks of working at a convenience store/gas station. *shudder*

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