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I want to start a teen comedy slow clap so bad.


and I don't even work in retail.
I've seen the stupidity as a customer and the only way to get what you want/deserve is to act as a reasonable person. If a cock up has happened, be decent and rational - you are more likely to get the result than shouting and acting like a twat.

Of course there are situations where you do need to go nuclear, but usually its not the workers fault but policy. fire the ICBM at Corporate and follow up with agent Orange , don't take it out at the grunt,


Too bad a law can't be made that every person work at least a full year deep in the gripes of retail hell

Sandy G.

The problem with the tantrums is that they're usually *rewarded* by management, with freebies/discounts, to placate the "unhappy customer" and defuse the uncomfortable situation. People act horribly because most of the time it *works* to get them what they think they deserve. What needs to happen is when an adult pitches a fit (instead of acting reasonably) they need to be told "NO" and escorted off the premises. If bad behaviour wasn't tolerated/rewarded, it would stop happening (at least so much).


Yeah- I wish businesses would moderate the "always right" angle. There are plenty of studies that prove it's good business not to waste time on customers who are there to cause problems or who always try to gt something for nothing. It frees up a ton of time for the customers who spend more money and take less time and expense to appease.


You know, I used to agree with the comment that "every person should have to work a year in retail hell". Then I realized that some of the worst customers I have to deal with are associates from other locations within the company I work for. I want to tell them, "Seriously. You work for the company. You know what it's like. Why the hell are you being a bitch?", but I know it wouldn't do anything. Sorry, I know this doesn't have much to do with the OP.

Miss Red

I want to print this up as a letter and hand it out to my next rude customer.


This guy is brilliant! Who knows, maybe it'll change some people's behaviors?

NC Tony

"The customer is always right" should be reworded. "The polite and courteous customer is always right, the rude and entitled customer is never right and will get nothing for their attitude".


I don't like this man. I don't care what he writes here his blog is awful. Filled with chauvinistic racist shit that makes me want to puke.


after going round after round with various support reps FOR THE LAST 8 MONTHS from a particular cable/internet/phone/cellphone provider (still under contract, yo), i finally got connected with their disconnection/retention department.

after he was able to get everything handled (30min call time) he joked "man, you've had to call in so many times...we should have just shipped you a headset and asked you to come work for us." "eh, i've done it before." "you've worked a call center? no wonder you're so frickin' patient..."

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