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Sachimi Sushi

I know -exactly- how you feel. I was a "moderator" on a specific game, on more than 1 private server. On one of them, I was just suddenly forced into being an administrator, and after I found out that the owner was stealing all the donations, I closed the server myself ( database access... ). He threatened me too, and then told people who donated to ask -me- for their money back, even though I had no access to the donations at any point, ever. It really is customer service, even though you don't get paid. I just applied to work at a call center place, and somehow I think it's going to be less stressful than that was.


"You there, fuck off. When you get there, fuck off from there too. In fact, keep fucking off until you get back here, then fuck off again."

Is part of why I can tolerate helpdesk. I always have the option of hanging up on them. If I had to deal with them at a desk like in a store, soon meat puppets would be saying "The remaining cow-orkers all said 'but he was so quiet' over video of me being wheeled away strapped to a dolly with a bite guard."

Sachimi; not that I'm doubting you, I'm just curious. If it's his server, how was he stealing the donations? Presumably, they were intended for the upkeep and maintenance of the server, and if that was paid for...

Sachimi Sushi

He was claiming they were for server improvements, which they weren't. He outright lied about their use - what he was really doing was spending it on 'dates' trying to get laid. He did pay the server costs, but then took all of the rest ( between 1k and 7k USD per month ). He didn't do any work after thrusting me into the Administrator position, besides pay the bills. He was supposed to do backups, and didn't. He later claimed that he had offered to 'pay' me ( non-profit business btw ), which wasn't true.
I would say it's stealing because he was misleading players into donating, and then taking all of that for himself. It -should- have gone into a bank account for server costs and nothing else, but he chose to lie about that and just use it himself.


Yeah, you're right, I'd call that stealing too. Like I said, I wasn't doubting you. :) I've seen the same kind of thing happen although I wasn't an admin with it.

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