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I dunno. Call me a stick in the mud---I am---but I feel like, if you want to make fun of a movie beyond a comment here and there, you should invite your new friends to a cozy little movie party and have at it.

But if the purpose was to do that, the theater wouldn't have an issue. That being not the case, I feel like others who maybe just want to watch an old movie on a big screen in peace, should have the right to do so.


Yeah- if you're deliberately showing bad movies so people can laugh at them, comments should be expected. I think the theater-owners shouldn't have caved to the one custy who didn't understand the concept. Yes, usually you want quiet in the theater, so I think they defaulted to the usual rules when someone complained. But I bet they did lose business for it- who wants to watch a bad movie without being allowed to make fun of it? Maybe, since it's a small theater, you can talk it over with management and suggest a blanket policy that commenting and joking is encouraged on Weird Wednesdays only.


I wonder if "complainer" knew that the movie was free...

The Singing Library Clerk

Well, one person's bad movie could be another's Oscar Worthy film. I've often heard from people how awful Blacula is. Yet when I watched it and it's sequel, once I got past the cheesy makeup on the vampires and how everyone he bit came back from the dead, I found the movie actually was quite good.

Whereas I think Brave is completely over rated but everyone else loves it. I think the silent version of Nosferatu is horrible and that the guy playing Harker is far scarier than Orlock because even for a silent movie he's a real hammy actor. And anything by Quentin Tarintino is crap.


If they have a second screen (kind of thinking they don't) you might suggest one commentary free theater and one for ragging on. Or if they have an outside wall or something they could project on, get a projector and do it there if the weather is good.

Personally, if I'm there to watch a movie, I want to hear the movie, not the 'should sit down' standup comedians in the audience, or the goober that goes 'Oo, this part is good, that guy is going to spoiler the whole scene' through the whole movie. But if it was advertised as 'come rag on this movie' then it wouldn't bother me, as I know what I'm getting into.

I loved watching those old cheesy movies on the local TV channel, with Dr. Paul Bearer on saturday mornings, just before the cheesy kung-fu movie, and after the cartoons. My brother is hilarious at bagging on movies; in 'The Monster that Challenged the World' I actually ended up almost throwing up from laughing so hard. "Let me reach past this perfectly good axe hanging on the wall to pick up this flimsy glass beaker and throw it at the hard shelled monster!" I might go to a movie like that just to laugh at it... but like I said, I want to hear the movie itself.


Yeah- there's a line. It seems to me the whole point is "come rag on this free movie, we'll provide popcorn to throw at the screen". But even ragging has a certain level that gets annoying, but I think people can generally work that out- if you're allowed to talk, you can ask the one person who is taking it too far to hush with the backing of the rest, but not ruin the whole mood. Complete silence just seems boring in such a situation. I think the best solution would be to post signs or ads about the Weird Wednesdays that emphasize laughing at the awfulness and commenting (make your own MST3T! Every Wednesday!), so everyone knows that it's expected, since the norm in theaters is total silence.


It's a free movie and that dried up old cunt who bitched about commentary should stuff their head up their ass. That's like going to Rocky Horror Picture Show and bitching about bread being thrown.


If it's "supposed" to be a movie a bad movie made good by the commentary like in MST3K, then the theater should advertise it as that.
For example, if you're in the theater to see the Sound of Music Sing Along, then no-one is allowed to complain about all the tone deaf people around the belting out "The Hills Are Alive," however, if you're in a regular theater, seeing a regular movie you wouldn't expect fellow audience members to sing along to any music on the screen (not that that necessarily stops them from doing so!)

But, hey, maybe I'm just a cunt-bitch, so answer me this...what genres are included, or is commentary just allowed in all movies now? It may seem like it's obvious for a Weird Wednesday bad-flick. and maybe it is, but I had this happen to me at a screening of Blackfish which is a documentary about the dangers of Orcas in captivity, specifically focused on the one that killed his trainer in 2010.
This old dude kept talking so much I had to move to the other end of theater where I couldn't hear him.
Or was everyone supposed to talk to lighten them mood while watching videos scary home videos of animal attacks?

Without Nametag

I kind of wish that the manager *would* advertise as an MST3K event. I get the feeling like he really doesn't mind if we do it, but as the theater is tiny and (I'm guessing) run on a shoe-string budget, I think he's trying to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience, and if someone complains, he kowtows, and asks everyone to be quiet, meaning that quite a few people are less happy because that one complainer needed to be made happy. I kind of wonder how long we'll keep going. We had made this our weekly "date night", and were having dinner and sometimes drinks there (they sell beer after 9 pm), but the films are atrocious and kind of un-fun without the commentary. Last week's film was actually so bad that Travelpro admitted later that if we hadn't been in a big group, she would have left. Which is kind of funny because half-way through I found myself wishing that I could use the light of my cell phone display to read the book in my purse. (No, I wouldn't have actually done that. That's just as rude as talking through an Orca documentary.)How long until the audience consists of only us and Complainer's group? Or just Complainer?It's not worth it for the theater to run free films on Wednesday if only two people show up, especially if those people don't spend very much on concessions.

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