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Not Perfect

While she clearly is in dire straits, it's hard to sympathize with someone whose priorities are so backwards.


I can almost understand stealing food, but surely there would've been other places to turn. Teaching children to steal is immoral. Stealing material goods absolutely cannot be justified. You can die from starvation, but not from lack of toys. She did the the wrong thing and she got caught. Hopefully she'll learn something from the experience.


This sounds like satire? If it isn't, I have no words cause that's just nuts. And I work pt at head start and volunteer at the regular school. Where I have to pay 55/ PER YEAR to get my clearances. Every year. So every 5yrs? Da fuck?

The Last Archimedean

If she didn't want a criminal record she shouldn't have been stealing. No sympathy here.


anyone notice how she says the security guard was lying about her threatening her son, but she knew that she didn't because "she didn't threaten him that time"


If it was a first offense, then maybe, *maybe* the security guard should let her go with a warning. But the security guard clearly knew or highly suspected she'd stolen before, so why would he go easy on her? Even worse, she knew the guard had eyes on her in the past and still took the chance!

Side note: complaining about the crane machine? Don't even pretend there's anything fair about those things. That has to be common knowledge by now.

NC Tony

I think this is the first time someone managed to loose my sympathy in the first paragraph. In the second sentence no less! Then she continues to dig a deeper hole by trying to "explain" her actions. I'd love to see the face of any judge, lawyer or police officer who hears this and the look on her face when they refuse to drop the charges.


Looks like a troll to me. Not even a particularly subtle one.

Banned Guy

I almost wish this was real... I can honestly see one of the other workers at the daycare posting whatever happens the day when she's fired either here or at notalwaysworking.com


@lovely - it must vary from state to state. I had to pay $3 every three years to get my background checks done.

What I don't understand is how this woman seemed to think that it was okay to 1) steal, 2) include her kid, 3)threaten/bribe him, 4) steal toys and DVDs, and 5) have the gall to bitch about it to corporate.

I hate Hellmart, but I'm with the security guard on this one. I have zero sympathy for NATS who include their kids in their thievery.


I hope that this is real, that she sues, and that the only evidence used against her is this email.


I'm thinking this is satire. While I have heard rambling excuses like this, the individuals giving them were mentally ill. Of course, one of those incidents led to me getting a formal complaint lodged against me for "helping aliens destroy [their] life."

Sachimi Sushi

I agree. How could she think that stealing toys and DVDs is okay? Food is necessary, those are not. Even so, stealing anything is wrong.


Don't want to be treated like a criminal? Don't break the law, shitbag!


I empathize with being broke and poor and unable to afford food, but my policy is always this: Go to customer service and politely ask for the store manager. Then pull the store manager aside for a private convo. Explain to him that you have hit hard times and can't afford food. I bet anything that you will find one that will help you out, whether it's dented canned goods from reclamation or a $20 gift card or whatever. As someone who works at a grocery store, there is always a budget somewhere in there to give gift cards to whiners and complainers, and there's no reason that you can't go to a few different area grocery stores and get some assistance.

There is no excuse for stealing from a store and especially when you are involving your kid and then even taking more than just food. Honestly if you can't afford to get caught and face the consequences, then maybe you shouldn't break the law.

TaTa Ria

Food banks. Or are you too good for them you special sneauflake?


*head desks* I can just imagine the poor schlep that had to read this. Hopefulyl his brain didn't implode.

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