Retail Hell Underground: New Business Opportunity: Nurse Offers To Breastfeed For Gay Couples

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I'm kind of a dirty, hippy in my feelings about this, but I think bringing back the concept of the wet nurse for gay couples, and mothers who have trouble breastfeeding is a good idea.
With regulation and oversight that includes mandatory medical testing, of course.


i think there's a HUGE movement in home birthing, natural child rearing, and pro-breastfeeding across the globe. doula's and midwives are becoming ever increasing more popular, especially as people become increasingly disenchanted with big pharma and impersonal medical facilities, which i think is awesome.


Why is this an issue? Why does it warrant an article? The concept of the wet nurse has been around forever.


CoG, I'm with you. Wetnurses were pretty common around the world well into the early 20th century.

The Last Archimedean


My girlfriend, the midwife, has noticed this... not quite so much in America, but it's coming. Kate Middleton's childbirth was natural, and a home birth. Four midwives rotated duties, so none of them individually pulled an insane shift.


Agreeing with CoG. Why do some people act so grossed out and try to shame breastfeeding mothers?
It is an interesting article but I don't see how they act like it's scandalous and should not be allowed..

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