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The women's room at work is usually the worse of the two when I clean it on third shift.


I remember one time that my dad, mom and I were at the cheap movies. After the movie, we went into the bathroom and it was something out of Dante. The toilets were overflowing with stuff. Toilet paper was everywhere. There was another little girl and her mother. She and I looked at each other with identical looks of disgust. All of us went running out of the bathroom and told my father we were going to wait until we got home to use the bathroom.


Toilet paper is water soluble. Hand towels are not. If you flush hand towels, they tend to clog up the plumbing.

Men's rooms are at least as disgusting; people don't want to touch the seats so they piss with it down which wets the seat which means people don't want to touch it... a vicious cycle. People really need to get over the germophobe thing. Presumably you're going to wash your hands anyway...


I'm one of a group in charge of the ladies' rooms at my workplace. Usually it's okay, but sometimes ...

If a toilet clogs, there is a 50% chance the door to the stall will be locked from the inside. WHY THE EVERLOVING FUCK? Also, we frequently have people trying to turn piss into magical moonshine or something in the pot, since they just don't flush. I get that some of them have poor flush power, but our mightiest toilet (I'm talking swirling vortex of pure Poseidon RAGE) is a frequent flyer, for some reason. I just... WHY?


Suggestion: Put a second trashcan near the door. A lot of people use their paper towel to open the door so that they don't have to touch it with clean hands. If there's a trashcan right there, more paper towels might make it in.


Aargh- I hate when women sprinkle the seat and leave it- gross! I think the problem is the ones who are overly picky about not touching anything germy- they are usually the ones who do this, by hovering over the toilet to pee instead of sitting on it, since they're so afraid that other people's germs will somehow penetrate the skin of their butt and make them sick (hmmm- maybe I'm more annoyed than I thought...).

So, not peeing standing up, just not willing to sit down like everyone else. Basically: eew, toilet seats are gross so I won't sit down and therefore I will make it infinitely more gross for the next person (since I can't be bothered to touch it to clean it up either!) I've gotten really paranoid in restrooms since sitting in someone's pee a couple times, and always check the seat before I sit down now, and usually wipe off any water spray just in case it's not water.


I wipe the seat off and then just sit the fuck down directly on it because I am over trying to do the fucking over on the seat while you go bullshit or lining the seat with toilet paper. Then I get self conscience if I'm with someone (usually my family) and I don't immediately pull out a load of toilet paper so they don't hear that noise and they will KNOW I SIT DIRECTLY ON THE TOILET SEAT.


But seriously, trash can by the door is much appreciated.

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