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That's a really awesome idea, we need more bosses like that!


that actually made me a little teary, seeing how awesome that boss was


That's incredible. Wish I could give them some business. :P Or get a job...

There's a place in Wisconsin that I applied for that I desperately wanted to work at, although I didn't really expect to get hired... They offer, every five years with them, a month paid vacation. As in 'they pay for the whole thing'. Want to go to Australia and fight off the most venomous creatures in the world? They pay for the flight, the hotel, the weaponry and the antivenin... I REALLY wanted to get hired there, even though it'd have meant moving to Wisconsin... (Nothing against the state, just moving in general.) Epic . com if you want to look.


That was incredibly wonderful to read. And it would be possible for everyone if CEO's, board members and stock holders were more interested in the well-being of their employees instead of paying off yet another vacation house they didn't need.

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