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jimbo jane

I recently had a large party of black people come into the fast food place, I work in. My second cashier (male) disappeared instantly and my manager, locked the office (which he rarely does), and stood in the kitchen watching through the pass-thru. I was annoyed more because I had to take the orders of 16 separate checks by myself, but them looking different than me didn't bother me and *gasp* They were nice -_- I feel bad because I should have called my co-workers out on it, but hindsight is 20/20. Assholes... As for the story, a comp card doesn't make up for the way they were mistreated. Really though? You would kick out 25 customers (potential gold mine) over 1 customer.


I'll started caring about black people getting discriminated against when we start acknowledging the fact that people other than white people are very racist also.

Seriously, just because you're not white doesn't make it acceptable for you to be racist. TIRED of the white racist card being played.

I. M. Foreal

I wish people could read. This incident happened at the North Charleston location but because of over reaction and stupidity the Downtown Charleston location has been receiving threats. Also I noticed that Michael Brown left out the reason the female customer wished not to have that group seated in the same area she was sitting in (there was a previous altercation with that customer). The next time you want to report about racism, put all the facts on the table.

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