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This is actually starting to bring me down, now. The other day I had the luxury of watching people argue that those of us in the retail/hospitality industry are "unskilled" and therefore deserve to live in poverty.


@ mel
That's why I'd love to see a nation wide walk out. IF literally every retail worker of every company just walked off the job for a day it would send a very strong and positive message.

The Last Archimedean

There needs to be a cap on executive compensation. No one needs $50 million a year.

I say we make total executive compensation no more than 100 times the minimum base salary of the LOWEST-paid worker/contractor/subcontractor [etc] in the company. That would motivate the executives to pay the bottom rank a decent salary, because the higher the minimum, the more $$$ they could rake in for themselves. If the lowest-paid person got $30k/yr, the execs can each take home a cool $3 million each.


And yet there is still the pervasive myth that higher wages = greater prices.

People like my own father still believe that crap.

Sadly, the shelter has been getting a number of animals from families that could no longer afford them, or had to move to a place that does not allow pets. It's sad to see an obviously loved animal now at our shelter.

I'm sure if people started doing that with their kids, there would be an uproar.

We had a cat that was dumped on our shelter doorstep 2 years ago with $5, and we wrote for his page "I was left here with my life savings of five whole dollars!"

Now imagine that cat being a child whose parents had to leave behind because it is impossible to care for a single person in this time, much less a family

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