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I feel your pain. I also work at p-mart. Ever have those customers who get pissed when THEY hit the wrong button for amount okay because they have been hitting no to the other things and the yes for amount okay is on the same side as the no for the other things?

Slow down and read the screen, I'm not cheating you out of money, honest, you just hit no when asked if the amounts okay.

I had one guy say that if his charge at our store showed up on his bill twice he'd come after my job.


Number one is confusing(a prescription- that note on doctor's/vet's prescription paper with their info and signature- isn't enough? You need some kind of card?), but even if there's some odd procedure at P-mart the customers really shouldn't be taking it out on you. Yelling, like, totally will make it better :P


The prescription food is on the shelf like everything else, but there's a procedure you have to follow in order to purchase it. You take your doctor's written prescription to the medical counter at the back of the store. They take all your information and give you a card (sort of like a store rewards card). You then take your prescription pet food and purchase it at the checkout - the cashier has to scan your card in order to sell you prescription items. I wasn't confused by it when I had to do it - my vet told me to start at the counter at the back and everyone in the store was helpful.


Ah, thanks Nobody. Makes a little more sense now- and of course, whatever the procedure, no excuse for blaming the slave who is trying to give you directions on what to do.


Dunno why the hell you need a prescription for catfood anyway. Maybe to keep people from thinking 'this is medical so it's better' and starving a normal cat of protein or something... my cat was on the prescription cat food for his last month and it was a gigantic pain in the genitals to get. The vet sold it, but it was far out of the way to get to them... If it wasn't for the prescription thing, I could have just ordered it from Petco.

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