Retail Hell Underground: Starbucks Building Stores Out of Old Shipping Containers

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""When designing this store for Portland, our in-house design team considered a variety of factors, including the world-famous biking culture, temperate climate, pet-friendly community, communal sensibilities, and residents who place as much importance on sustainability as we do."

And then decided 'Fuck it, containers are cheap.'


"Keep Portland Weird" This is why I don't watch Portlandia, I live this, being an hour and a half away. and for those of you who do watch, yes, it is accurate.


You know, I can't help but think that it'd be annoying to be in such a pretty-looking place, and have no windows.


Yeah I wonder how many people realize that they are only doing this because containers are cheap and it looks as though they are going green. In reality those containers are made of good quality steel and will be sold for scrap long before they get thrown away. It's just cheaper to use a container and avoid all of the construction safety codes that are involved in constructing a building.

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