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Okay seriously, what makes people think that someone would have a motive for lying when they say "I don't work here"?

Sabriel Jones

Geez happens to me all the time for some reason. I guess some people just look the part LOL, however if someone tells you that they don't work there common sense should tell them not to keep pestering them. I guess common sense is not so common either that or people need to listen more.


As mentioned on previous posts, this is why I don't understand people complaining about being asked "do you work here?"

On the other hand, what's with these psychos?! If anything, wouldn't being crazy make a lying/lazy employee LESS likely to want to help?


I hate "do you work here" because 99% of the time it's when I'm

1) mixing paint for someone
2) opening a case for someone
3) have about twenty shirts on my shoulders/ am folding one
4) have about a hundred shirts in a basket and am folding them
5) am walking around scanning things

now, when i'm on lunch/ break, don't have a name badge on, and am not doing anything but seemingly walking around i don't mind, but when i'm doing something that a customer can't/ doesn't do it gets annoying when it's the hundredth time that night


I dread having to go into our big store to do anything for the station. We have the same uniforms and name badges. I have nothing that points me out as a gas station clerk instead of a store employee. I always get asked where things are or what the difference is between this sale item and that non-sale item. I usually have to explain at least twice that I don't know, I'm just a gas station clerk, and I can help them find someone who will be able to better answer their questions. Even worse, I dread going in there after work when still in uniform. I've been stopped by custies a number of times even though I'm not wearing a name badge, have my purse on my shoulder, and a cart full of groceries in front of me.


You don't even necessarily have to look like you work there. I've been asked repeatedly in my local Walgreens where things are... when I'm wearing a black t-shirt, shorts and sandals. One customer at least explained, "Oh, I saw your lanyard and thought you worked here." The big.. "I <3 Vampires" lanyard with my keys on it.

Kiliana Nightwolf

Scion, I hope you don't mean Twilight vampires. >_>


I get asked 'do you work here' when I'm in a store whose color is blue, and I'm wearing a black and orange striped shirt with a huge snarling tiger face on the front, and another tiger on the back, and black jeans. Not even anything blue on me at all...

I still haven't figured that out. I guess I just give out helpful vibes. I helped hert as much as I could...

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