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And this is why I put my groceries on the belt how I'd like them packed and half the time pack them myself. I'm efficient in packing my bags due to taking cartfuls through the self scan because of my extreme pickiness about bag packing. I like my cold items all placed together and my room temperature items together.

Overly Pedantic

If I could add one more.

For the love of Mike please, please, PLEASE use the order dividers. They are there for a reason. I can't tell you the number of times I've accidentally scanned something that doesn't belong to customer #1 because customer #2 didn't use the divider. Makes me nuts.


Or the infamous "I have bags of change and it's the law that you have to take it" nonsense. I had someone try and pay a 200 dollar order once in loose change. Not rolled, loose. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.

grocery store slave

i've dealt with this sort of customer behavior at my job the customers are so stingy and picky when it comes to paying for groceries or how they want me to pack their groceries for them i swear it seems like all the customers have ocd i wish i could say to them i know how to do my job so let me do it don't treat me like shit either if you don't get your way but i can't or i'll lose my job so i just take st. john's wort it helps me tolerate society

Cosmetics Hellhound

Who cares if paying with points is annoying? What if someone can't afford it otherwise, isn't that what they are there for?


Yeah, the points thing is the only one I disagree with.

Overly Pedantic: I had someone (the clown in front of me, not the cashier) bitch at me for putting down an order divider... she went all 'black sassy owl' with the rotating head thing and accused me of thinking she was going to steal my groceries just because she was black. "Uh, no. They're not mine yet, that's why I'm in line to pay them, and if you wanted something I had you could go get one off the shelf too."

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