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I'm not offended, but I'm Australian and here bangers means sausage and meat, and I've never heard it used in any other context, so if I saw the ad straight up I'd be pretty confused and see why women are offended, especially because quite a few men down here have some pretty degrading insults towards women already. I guess it's like if an Aussie made a school ad for the US and they were talking about rubbers, because here rubber means eraser, not conform. Just big companies not thinking about language differences in their quest for publicity.


Honestly, I'm less offended by 'bangers' and more offended by all the commenters who appear to be furious at a gay man appearing on TV.


I have to point out the irony of being offended by him using 'bangers' and then calling him a poofter. Sounds like PC garbage being blown way out of proportion.


Yeah, I was kind of set on edge by "poofter", too. Ick. I watch far too much British television, but I've never heard the word bangers used to refer to breasts... just sausages.


We use "bangers" for sausages in the UK too and I've never heard it used for breasts.

This is Gok Wan! He is the only person on tv tellig women that they don't need to be stick thin to be beautiful and we're seriously going to shit on him like this!!!! Ffs!!!!


Not offended in the slightest. I mean, he could have used "knockers" instead of "bangers" to alleviate any confusion, but that's it. That's confusion, not offension (Is that even a word? It is now.).


wow, this escalated quickly. haha

but, that's who gok wan IS! he's an obviously-not-straight man who uses direct/honest/'familiar' language to try to connect with insecure women. he uses the word 'bangers' alllll of the time while on camera.

people need to relax. maybe they need a nap or some warm milk or something. haha


I live in the UK, and honestly? Gok Wan is the only person I have ever heard use the word 'bangers' to describe breasts. I don't know where it's common slang, but it's nowhere I've been, and I've been around a lot of England - even now, when he's well known for this phrase, I've never ever heard anyone else use it. And we use bangers for sausages as well - bangers and mash. But my point is, I've been watching Gok Wan for years and I love him and he really doesn't mean offense by it, it's just him - that's how he is! People are getting offended over nothing, that's how it looks to me.


I wonder if Tar-zhay sells panty untwisters. Seems like they need to stock a load of them.

From context, it was obvious what he was saying, even if you'd never heard the word at all before. Yeah, it's a little odd, but it's not like he called them cocks or penises or something. There are thousands of slang terms for various body parts. This is just one that's a little strange. Go to the hardware section, buy a ladder, and get over it.

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