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NC Tony

I always say, if someone who is not handicapped wants to park in a handicapped space, I will gladly take a baseball bat to their knees. Then they will be handicapped and allowed to park in the handicapped space. I'm sure if it were possible, those people who have handicapped (both visible and invisible) would LOVE to give people like him their handicaps.


I'm with Tony. Clue-by-four all the way.


The funniest part is that the volunteer who hands out tickets is the most generous person I know. If he sees theraputic seat cushions, canes, driving system modifications, or even large scale messes in the back seat, he lets them off with a warning. God help the ones that he finds trying to hide expired placards tho.


I'm with Tony as well. I'll bring my good brass-handled cane. Break both kneecaps and the windshield of the car.

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