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It must have been some alignment of the planets yesterday. I had several customers and random people be inexplicably nice. I moved one guy's stuff from his apartment into a storage unit, and he gave us lemonade, tipped us $20, and thanked us several times. The other job was to pick up a chest of drawers from a warehouse store and deliver it. The chest turned out to have a broken foot and we didn't move it, but the lady was totally nice about it and paid us anyway. To top it all off, as I was driving the 24' truck back to the depot, I signaled a lane change and someone actually slowed down and purposely let me in front of them!

Trucker Bitch

Thaddaeus- As a truck driver, I love it when smaller cars do that. It can be so difficult in heavy traffic for an 18 wheeler to change lanes. And I always try to "thank" the person by flashing my 4ways for a couple of blinks. Many truckers do that after someone signals in some way that it's safe for a big rig to change lanes.

For some who may not be used to driving such a large vehicle, that sort of thing (changing lanes, turning corners) can be a challenge. My sister found that out when she had to rent a smaller moving truck for her move across country. Heck, I still find it a challenge and I've had training at it.

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