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The Last Archimedean

I hope these arrogant f*cks go out of business very soon and all the retail slaves get better jobs elsewhere.


If businesses are allowed to require employees to cover tattoos and piercings, religious wear do not deserve special exemption. As much as Idc about A and F, it is their brand and up to them how they want to portray it.


Brian the issue is picking and choosing what to discriminate against. If I can't wear my cross, you can't wear your hijab. It's an across the board or not at all policy. Mind you, A and F can go fuck itself with a shovel anyways. Sideways.


I'm sure A and F doesn't pay their employees anything near a living wage, so how in the name of Thrognar can they afford to buy the clothes?

Bored at the Bookstore

Okay, I can't help asking. Why are all the "examples" knock-kneed? Is that a requirement, too?

I would never have fit in at Self-Centered Clothing Co., even when I was young a thousand years ago, as either a customer OR an employee. I do remember pausing at a store mall entrance once or twice when my daughter was in high school, thinking of buying something for her, and being "frowned away" by staff.

I say, let Darwin's Law of Merchandising take effect - stop buying the product, stop wearing the product, and stop applying for jobs there; until stock sits mouldering on the shelves and racks in empty stores. Hit 'em in the cash register - it's the only "heart" any corporation has.


Hmm. Here's a thought - what happens if you are exactly the kind of skinny girl/buffed out male teen they seem to be looking for, and conform to their 'Look Policy' absolutely 100%, but couldn't sell water to someone in the middle of the Sahara? Would they still hire you?

The Singing Library Clerk

Tattoos, usually, are not covered under Freedom Of Religion and requiring to cover them up is not discrimination. Telling a person they can't wear part of their religious gear or a religious symbol is. Doesn't matter if it's a Hijab, a cross, a Star of David, a pentagram, etc. If it's part of your religion no one has any right to tell you you can't wear it.

Obviously if your tattoo is part of your religion that's a different matter. But if you're just someone with a flower, a butterfly, or a naked woman cover it up at work.

And I'm saying that as someone who's got two tattoos herself.

And I don't see what's so wrong with telling people they can't expose their underwear. Sagging is the stupidest trend since foot binding.

That being said, A&F still deserves to go out of business. Didn't they used to be a sporting goods store? Fishing and hunting and all that fun stuff? Now they're just an overpriced crap factory.


Well I would have commented that that is a bizarre change from sporting goods to designer clothes but Joann Fabrics started as a cheese shop so...


Is it me, or do these dress codes sound more and more like they were developed by that one haughty alpha bitch we all knew in high school?


I really fail to understand how dress codes forcing you to wear the label in which you are selling can be enforced. It's discriminatory to plus-sized people and makes it immensely hard to find work in the retail industry. One day when I'm bored enough I swear I'm just gonna go on a sue-happy binge for discrimination and fuck over a whole bunch of companies. WEEE!

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