Retail Hell Underground: BBC Radio 4: Former Intern Exposes Banking Hell

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The Last Archimedean

Unpaid internships should be globally outlawed, and a limit placed on the number of hours paid interns can work.


@TLA: I'm a banking intern (though not financial, but programming) at a large Dutch bank. They are actually quite relaxed and laid back. Seriously I put more hours in school then over here.


WhiteJoker, are you paid though?


TLA- I don't agree that unpaid internships should necessarily be abolished. But I believe some sort of compensation should be mandatory. Any internship which does not pay a wage or salary MUST translate to college credit. And MUST limit the number of hours worked weekly to the equivalent number of classroom hours one would commit to for said credit. As for paid jobs, internships or otherwise, the number of hours worked should be capped period. Even for 'exempt' status employees.


I don't think it should be outlawed, per say, but at least better regulated. Some amount of pay, at least, would be best. It would motivate people to provide actual work (and therefore experience) to interns. Above all, though, hour limits. 100 he's unpaid a week? That's bullshit for PAID jobs, and absolutely unethical.

Maybe a moderate hour threshold, after which you must be paid minimum wage? Something like 30-40 hours?

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