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I missed something didn't I?


I guess I did too.

The one and only

Could someone explain this one to me, please?


As I Lay Dying is a classic example of Southern Gothic literature by a brilliant author.

Franco, an annoying actor who fancies himself an artist, is doing a movie of it. Now these great novels have his smarmy face plastered on them. That's why the bookstore is apologizing; for selling a great book besmirched with Franco's picture.

The one and only

Ok, thank you. The book I recognized. The actor, not so much.


I hate movie tie-in covers.

NC Tony

I hate movie tie-in covers more when it's ONE story from a collection that gets plastered on the cover. Stephen King is a popular victim of this. Short stories and novellas of his that have had their covers "taken over" by the movie tie-in covers include:

Maximum Overdrive (based on the short story "Trucks" in the book "Night Shift")
Stand by Me (based on the short story "The Body" from the book "Different Seasons")
The Shawshank Redemption (based on the novella "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" also from "Different Seasons")
The Mist (from "Skeleton Crew")
The Running Man (originally published as a novel under the pen name Richard Bachman, later collected with three other "Richard Bachman" stories as "The Bachman Books", the cover of which featured "The Running Man" movie promo as the cover)
1408 (from "Everything's Eventual")
Children of the Corn (from "Night Shift")


Makes sense. Thanks, MuSicko.

NC Tony; happens (or happened, not sure if it still does... or if he even writes anymore as opposed to licensing his name to other people's fanfic) to Tom Clancy... Hunt for Red October's rerelease had Sean Connery on it. Seemed to be the same book, at least.

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