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The Last Archimedean

Yucko. If I wanted that I'd pop a fry in my mouth and then take a bite of burger. Burger King sucks anyways, Wendy's is much tastier.

NC Tony

I already avoid Burger King as they've managed to screw up my order every time I've gone there, so I just don't go anymore. However, like TLA said, you can get the same experience by taking a bite of your burger and then eating a fry. And also, Wendy's is better.


My roomie and I put fries on our burgers sometimes (yaaaaay hamburger-chip butty!), but would never, ever buy them already like that (that has got to be soggy and gross by the time you take the first bite)


BK fries have some sort of potato batter on them that keeps them crispy for days, so they probably wouldn't be soggy. They're definitely gross, and then they put them on a burger...


The first time I saw an ad for this, I thought, "wow, how lazy can you get?" For another dollar or so, I can get a *bunch* of fries and put them on a regular burger myself. Or I can eat them separately. Mostly, I can't stop thinking of those poor slaves behind the line, who probably had to watch some shitty training video "How to make the New French Fry Burger!" Ugh.


Looking at the picture, the damn thing looks about the size of a slider...

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