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The Last Archimedean

Good for them.

Now we need a federal law banning all other corporations from weaseling out of the ACA. I suggest removing the minimum hours requirement from the ACA. You hire someone, whether it's for 4 hours a week or 40, you have to give them access to health insurance.

Miss Red

I wonder how long it's going to take all companies to realize that their employees are the machinery that makes their business work?
Step 1) Treat employees well.
Step 2) Employees will treat customers well.
Step 3) ??? (but seriously, happy customers shop there more often.)
Step 4) PROFIT!
Treat your employees like worthless garbage, and they won't care. Go ahead and fire them and replace them, the next batch will stop caring too.


As someone who works for this company I freaking loooooove it. Seriously, hands down the best company I've worked for. LOOOOOVE HEB. Man, I can't even get into all the incentives you get just working on the front end, all the free items, the super low cost on uniforms, all the volunteer stuff they do, the ability to wear jeans and a t-shirt all the time, I just AHHH. Seriously, if you're looking for part-time in Texas, GO TO THERE.


@Miss Red: Well, the current model of "well, there's more where they came from" seems to have served them well for years, so I wouldn't hold my breath.


I know the pharmacy I work for offers not just health benefits, but also profit sharing.

My one manager stated that he believes that if an employer treats their employees well, the employer will have the support of their workers


I just hope that by "affordable" that the premiums are something a minimum wage retail slave can actually afford to pay, that is if they can get above part time to qualify.

My previous two jobs offered insurance, but the premiums were so high there's no way a minimum wage slave could pay them and still have something on the paycheck to pay rent, utilities, buy food, clothing, gas the car, pay the mandatory auto insurance premiums....Don't tell me it's 'affordable' when the premiums cost 1/4 to 1/2 of my paycheck.

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