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3D's, and look up your local animal laws regarding vicious dogs, legal rights regarding your service dog and you, and hide a small video recorder (even a phone's camera will work) on you or on your dog to record the bad behavior.

You should not have to tolerate this. You have the right to freely travel to and from a business without fear of you or your beloved dog getting mauled.

If I am to feel pity, I'd extend it to the 'mean dogs', as their behavior is a product of bad training.

If you can, please give your precious service pooch an extra ear skritch from me


Might want to look into pepper spray / mace rather than a knife, H_M. Works faster, less messy. Will hurt your dog too, but you can use it from a distance and prevent you having to get too close.

And it'll work on asshole dog owners as well if necessary. Maybe ask the security guard or manager if they can give you a discount on it because of the dogs to help push home the point.

Sales Agent Guy

Seriously, the guy is just STANDING THERE with his vicious dogs? I'd think there'd be laws against loitering in places like that.


Loitering would be your best bet. The issue with calling Animal Control is that they usually can't do anything until the dogs actually approach you or your animal in a clearly threatining manner (which is difficult to prove) or actually attempt to bite you. I was an Animal Control Officer, and I can't tell you how many time we got dickhead neighbors claiming each others dogs were dangerous. So, if they don't act immediately on it, that is probably why.


Hold on just a minute here. He's loitering around using his dogs to attract kids?

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