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The Last Archimedean


I have no clue why anyone would think that was acceptable. Those doors exist for a reason.


Depends on the store type, and whether or not you are a chick. If it was underwear or swimsuit and she was asking a like-gendered employee if the product fits as it should, then I'm wondering how you can work while clutching your pearls so tightly. If not... eh. Still just asking about a product. Relax.

Less sympathetic about the dudes, though. Changing room is okay, but the middle of the store is weird.


I kind of agree. If you're the same gender as the custy, she probably didn't think it was that big a deal. You were in the fitting room after all.

The dudes doing so in the middle of the store, though, yeah that's just brainless.


You're freaking out because someone's standing in their underwear in a changing room? Call the police! For god's sake, what's the problem? How on earth would yu cope with communal changing rooms?


Our fitting rooms are poorly placed, and open up right to the store itself. No gender separation, walls or anything, just a few rooms with doors facing more products. And while I am the same gender, my other coworkers were not. My boss, who is very male, made a beeline for the other end of the store when he saw. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my post. I for one am fine with communal changing rooms like at the gym or whatever. But it's a different story when you're changing inside that designated area instead of walking around right outside that changing area where everybody can see.

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