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Personally, I think vegetarian and vegan food is at its lousiest when it's trying to make 'fake meat'. Let it be what it is, and deal with it that way.


Trucker Bitch

I have nothing against vegan/vegitarians. To have that kind of commitment is great, as long as they aren't the militant type about it. However,aAs a comedian I saw once on tv said:

If vegitarin food is so good, why do you have to pretend to be eating mine!


Trucker I have always wondered that. I mean is it like people who quit smoking that develop an oral fixation with other things? I mean if you're not going to eat meat, why eat fake meat?


The article even admits that it tastes good, but not like the real thing. This is not new, they've been doing it in Asia for a long time. Saw an episode of Bizarre Foods where Zimmern couldn't even finish some of it.

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