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Wow. I have had to do a lot of flying recently and the sardine cans I flew in did NOT look like this!

Bored at the Bookstore

Ahh, the Good Old Days! Although that sort of looks more like first or business class, and there should be a spiral staircase somewhere in there... Maybe.

One time in the '60's, my uncle flew from Boston to Erie, PA. His first flight, ever. Believe it or not, he was the ONLY passenger on the plane. Three flight attendants (then called "stewardesses"), the pilot, the co-pilot, and Uncle, with all the soda and food he wanted! Never occurred to the airline to cancel the flight and make him wait for another... I always wondered if they actually needed the plane in Erie, anyway, for a later flight. *g*


It certainly cost as much as business class flying. "Economy" back then would cost the equivalent of ~$5,000 from New York to Chicago.

Few today realize that to be a part of the 'jet set' in those days really did require quite a lot of money.

Incidentally, that's a really weird seating layout. 3-4-1? As a layout, I think it's neato (set me up with a '1' when I'm by myself, please!) but as for the airplane? 707, I'm guessing, although it could just be a mockup of a cabin for publicity purposes.



Looks roomy.


@Bored: That's quite likely, actually. Airlines plan their flight schedules based around a lot fewer planes than you might think, so unless there's weather or mechanical issues, flights have to go out regardless of passenger load to avoid a chain reaction of delays.

That is how it works nowadays, but I doubt it was any different in the 60's, just with fewer planes and routes.


Looks very pleasant

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