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"That sucks!. I hate when customers do that. Well at least when it comes in. The pain in your ass will be gone hopefully. As for the other shit your going through I hope things will get better for you. Just hang in there!

Copy Clone

Can't stand it when people are like this. We don't do framing at the copy center, but we do enough custom work otherwise for me to sympathize.
Whenever we take it in an order, even its for just five copies we always make the people sign off on the little 'Proof Approved' box on the intake form. If there is extra special BS, such as a person wanting a 18x24 photo made from a crappy 3x3 image from their phone we make them sign a special form basically saying 'You get what you pay for'. People still try and complain, but I've perfected the art of being perfectly nice and not giving a care at the same time.


It's too bad she didn't run the 2013 marathon.


Wow, Resettis. That was low. Way to take something horrific and trivialize it into a little revenge fantasy.


Damn. You gave her plenty of warnings, AND a freebie? You get a customer service award for still putting up with her shit and being accommodating. Frankly, I don't know jack about framing, and you guys are trained, so I say when the framer tells you your options, you pick one of those and move on. If they say it's going to be big, it will be. End of discussion. Find a bigger spot to hang it if you're having trouble with the finished size.


Ugh. I think I've worked with her before. Or rather, her husband. Who then brought back the changed order and said, "You were right, the mats should have been wider. Go ahead and fix it." I about fell over when he told me he was more than willing to pay the complete costs for the new order.

On the plus side, that particular customer is much more willing to listen to me when I make a recommendation now.

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