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Valium (suggestion from my husband), followed by killing the boss man for being such an idiot.

Sorry - check in after tomorrow, to make you're okay!


Oh lord. Well, I work phones, so it's not exactly the same, but what I tell myself when we have 20 people stacked up on hold is NONE OF THIS IS MY FAULT. I AM NOT IN CHARGE OF STAFFING. THIS IS 100% THE BOSS'S FAULT. And then kind of channel their rage away from me and toward the boss. When they get mad at me, they are actually mad at my boss, but they can't see my boss, so I'll just set that over there to wait for her.


Fuck it. Theres only so much one person can physically do, so stop stressing over it . Work closely withthe sales people and anyone else on your team, keep the communication going, and remember to take things one at a time.If Bossman gets impatient just keep reminding him that you can only work as fast as the sales staff can. If there is noone to take a guest, theres nowhere tosend them.


OMG, so many pissed off people tomorrow, not only from wait time, but because those $600 cars are never going to be what they hope they will. I guess I'd suggest an energy drink, because it takes energy to be nice to people when you'd like to slap them. But it won't fix the stupidity of your boss, and for that, I am sorry. Hopefully next year he will see where he went wrong and not pull this shit again.

Call Centre Slave

Go to a bar, get drunk, slap an officer.

Sorry boss, can't come, in prison.

Book Baby

A $600 car isn't exactly going to be a restored vintage Mustang. Most likely, it will be a twenty year old Taurus with 200,000 miles on it. I feel for you, Greeter Bitch. You will also get to deal with the idiots who think you should hold the cars for THEM, those who yell at you because there are only six (or whatever number that you have) and why don't you have more?, and the yahoos who think the world revolves around them and that the salesperson should kiss their feet while buying said $600.00 car. My sympathies, sweetie!

I suggest that you invest in a good bottle of whipped vodka,7Up and OJ so you can make Creamsicles tomorrow night. You are going to NEED it. Check in and let us know how it went. There should be REAMS of RHU material from this day ALONE.

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