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#2 is an entitled idiot - if you don't bother to read the signs, you deserve the fine. If you're adult enough to go shopping alone you're adult enough to take responsibility for your own actions, not require that everyone hold your hand through parking.

#1... eh. I'd say once you pay your money and get your items you're not longer a customer - you're a previous customer and a possible future customer, but that doesn't give you the right to stay in the parking for current customers. That'd be like saying that if you bought something you could stay in the store indefinitely "because I paid money!" if only 50 people could be in the store at any point. It sounds more to me like she didn't want to find another parking spot and felt entitled to that one (in which case, give her a meter and tell her to pay for it instead of going in the store!)


I'd say they're both entitled idiots. Parking for customers means customers who are currently patronizing the establishment, not anyone who bought something from there in the last 24 hours.


I honestly would have laughed at the other caller when she said the store should pay the fine. That level of audacity just blows my mind.


I can sort of see someone spending five hours in a retail park if it's a *big* retail park, and they have a lot of different shopping things to do, and maybe have a coffee at one point, and a long meal later. If it's not well-signposted, I might have sympathy for that person (even if they handled their complaint poorly).

But the first one? Fuck 'em.


"No one told meeeeeee!" Give me a fucking break. I hate these people. This is what I hear at work every day without fail. It boils down to people refuse to take any personal responsibility and will look for any excuse to put the blame on someone else.

Grey Face

It got better. I was telling my brother about this, he's just left the world of retail, and he told me about a fantastic customer.
Customer came to his store, paid for an hour on the meter, then came inside to shop. They bought about £170 worth of things, but took over an hour and went outside to find a parking attendant slapping them with a ticket. They took the ticket and went back inside the store, and demanded the store get rid of the ticket. My brother was called, and he explained they don't own the carpark, it's owned by the town they're in, and so they don't have anything to do with parking charges.
The customer then demanded that the store agree to PAY his ticket for him, and when they refused, he threw his bag off stuff at them and made them refund it all.
It made me laugh. Just - you're an adult, figure out how long you want and pay for the parking, and then stick to it!

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