Retail Hell Underground: Hologram Employees: Virtual Assistant Carla a Big Hit at Boston Airport, More Being Installed

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That looks way too human for people to actually pay any attention to what it says.


Didn't think I would see this kind of tech in public until at least 2020. God, I feel old.


She is slap bang in the uncanny valley. I think this will creep a lot of people out.


How long before some of the good kind of hackers make a robot skin for it and apply it with root permissions so it can't be uninstalled?

Bonus points if they make it look like the Terminator.


Soon we will just scan a hologram qr code and on our hologram cellphone she will appear so we can walk with her as she talks not to waste any time. The future is here :)


She looks like she's being projected onto some kind of cardboard cutout. Also I keep thinking she is saying "liquor items" instead of "liquid items". Which just brings a whole new level of interesting to the instructions!


This is something that I find especially awesome as it doesn't take away from anyone's job at all, in fact it actually helps take the load off of employee's and does so in a very unique way. Plus all I can imagine is how all of that was actually recorded, her just standing in front of a green screen saying the same lines over and over at least 6-8 times in both languages just to get it right.

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